Dulles International Airport Tier 2 Midfield Concourse

AMT provided civil engineering services for various packages of the Tier 2 Midfield Concourse development.

Sample tasks include:
Package 1A Early Excavation: For the Tier 2 Building and associated People Mover Tunnel Station, construction documents were prepared to the 100% submittal level before the project was delayed for budgetary purposes.Excavation consisted of over 1,000,000 cubic yards of predominately decomposed rock and bedrock. Ramping was provided into and out of the excavation area and haul routes were determined to streamline contractor movements. Construction and concrete barrier fence was specified to keep the work site enclosed for construction safety and to serve as Airport Operations Area (AOA) fence around the Tier 2 site. The design addressed demolition of existing pavement and utilities, site grading and excavation plans and details, maintenance of traffic, contractor access and storage, phasing plans, temporary drainage, and stormwater pollution control.

Tier 2 / Concourse C APM Station: AMT provided plans, profiles, details and specifications for civil engineering components including 2,000 LF water main, 2,800 LF 14-inch Dedicated Fire Service, 3,000 LF of up to 5 ft x 4 ft box culverts and storm drain pipe, stormwater pollution prevention plans, 4,000 LF of gravity and force main sanitary sewer and associated pump station. VDEQ permit was obtained for the sanitary sewer and pump station facility. Proper information was provided to MWAA in order to obtain a Virginia Department of Health (VDH) permit for the domestic water. Because utility routings were through ongoing and future project areas coordination with other projects was critical. Interim conditions were used to design the constructed sanitary sewer outfall while future ultimate conditions were also considered and provided in the design.

South Aircraft Parking Apron Phase 1: AMT provided plans, profiles, details, and specifications for civil engineering components including storm drainage, domestic water, dedicated fire service, sanitary sewer.