Civil Rights Compliance

AMT provides a wide range of civil engineering and related services including Civil Rights Compliance and ADA consultant services. These services have included accessibility standards designs and details; plan and design reviews; compliance evaluations, on‐site construction and post construction inspection; and compliance monitoring and evaluation. Our staff also has the capability to provide policy development and expert witness testimony. AMT has provided ADA consultant services for many projects involving access to public right‐of‐way, sidewalks, shared use paths, intersections, and street crossings. In fact, our firm is currently providing accessibility reviews and design upgrades to current standards along existing. Our team has extensive design and evaluating experience providing services to address ADA requirements that meet Federal and State Highway Administration (SHA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. We work regularly on tasks for clients that require the design of pedestrian facilities for new corridors, as well as, design to reconstruct existing pedestrian facilities to meet the current set of standards.

We understand the challenges in meeting the stringent standards under constrained conditions and where and when a waiver may be required and accepted.