Traveling Abroad to Give Back

July 13, 2017

Traveling Abroad to Give Back

AMT’s Marcello Arroio, a project engineer in AMT’s Rockville headquarters, is soon to embark on a service trip to Thibaud, Dominica. This wonderful opportunity allows him to work in conjunction with other North American volunteers and local villagers with a non-profit organization called “Courts for Kids” to build a concrete multi-use sports court. The court will serve not only to provide youth a place to play basketball and a local game called netball (like basketball without the backboard), but will offer the whole village a space to assemble for gatherings, celebrations, and even as a teaching space. Marcello will help manage this labor-intensive project as almost every aspect of this endeavor will be accomplished without the aid of machinery. Dirt will be excavated and moved using shovels and wheelbarrows, concrete will be mixed on site, poured and smoothed by hand, and all construction will be performed with basic tools and lots of hands.

Marcello says he is “very excited for the opportunity to go and help people.”

Courts for Kids has built 122 courts in over 24 partner countries, and is happy to have an engineer with Marcello’s expertise to make this project a success. On July 21, the project team will travel to the country which is in a string of islands east of Puerto Rico. For eight days they will stay with families in local homes in the community, working side-by-side with locals, and immersing in Dominica culture. Follow AMT on Twitter and Facebook (@amtengineering) for updates from Marcello about his trip.

While cell reception in Dominica is spotty, Marcello brought some photos back to share.

IMG_0407 IMG_0410 IMG_0438 IMG_0626 IMG_0479 IMG_0665 IMG_0807 IMG_0906 IMG_0852 IMG_0867 IMG_0899 IMG_0558 IMG_0923

It looks like a fantastic experience!

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