New Development & Extensions

New development brings with it the need for new water and sewer connections. At AMT, we are skilled designers who have experience in determining whether extensions are needed, be it gravity lines or pumps and where they should go. We evaluate current conditions, create master plans and design systems that transport water and wastewater where needed.

We can design everything from sewer extensions to new water towers. We design systems for new capital improvement projects and system extensions, master planning, hydraulic modeling, service category changes, as-built drawings integrated with GIS format, meter selection and design, and permitting for water and sewer connections.

For one recent client, we provided a utility master planning exercise, auditing existing systems for compliance with local and federal regulations and developing a tool for communicating service needs with service providers. We helped our clients prioritize capital and maintenance projects with respect to available funds and needs. The master plan resulted in a comprehensive capital improvement plan for domestic, irrigation and fire service water systems. Rainwater harvesting opportunities were also considered, and the water system was mapped so that meters, valves, and interconnections could be clearly identified and understood moving forward.

For another client, a large new development required extension of an existing 24-inch ductile iron pipe that would receive multiple tie-ins. We provided the design for this extension, which required thrust blocking and special considerations for multiple tie-in pipe types. We also provided the required permitting, utility coordination, maintenance of traffic, and construction phase services.

We provide utility master planning, auditing existing systems for compliance, and developing tools for communicating service needs with service providers.