We Work Where The Built Environment Meets The Land

The government and public use facilities for which we provide surveying, planning, design and construction phase services range from new architectural creations, historic preservations and building expansion and rehabilitations.  Additionally, our site designers and landscape architects create context-appropriate environments for the spaces around and connections to these facilities, with users and communities in mind.


Within our portfolio of facilities projects, those for government clients and public use are often of architectural significance and present unique design challenges. They are monuments meant to withstand the weathering effects of time, buildings for whole communities to visit or work, public spaces for gathering, and training or research facilities with advanced technologies to house.  We respect and can restore elements of historic preservation while modernizing facilities, requiring special considerations for designing and permitting.  But even new government facilities, expansions and public spaces require more intensive planning and design solutions than some of their private and commercial counterparts.  Designs for these often heavily-trafficked and important centers of activity may need to carefully consider traffic impacts, site access and circulation, environmental concerns, security features and regulatory compliance.

Specific facility types for which AMT has provided expertise include:

  • Libraries
  • Government Agency Training Facilities
  • Post Offices
  • Animal Shelters
  • Parking Garages and Lots
  • Administrative Buildings
  • Fire and Police Stations
  • Multi-Agency Services Parks
  • Warehouses and Salt Domes
  • Hardscaped and Landscaped Plazas
While we value this work immensely, a significant portion of our business also supports federal work, the backbone of our government.  We invite you to visit our Federal Programs page.

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